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Feeling stuck in your HR Career?
Feeling you are worth more than you are offered currently?
Had enough with corporate games and want something different?



Our Purpose
To revolutionize employments in the SME industry towards a Performance-Reward driven ecosystem.

Who is a vimiCoach
Vision driven HR influencers determined to create a Win-Win for both Employer and Employees.

What will you get as a VimiCoach
Coaches who successfully passed the evaluation will be honoured with a Tailor-Made Suit and eventually earn a Five Figure Income while doing something impactful to the Malaysian SME Community.

Be a part of an exclusive HR Coaching community and obtain access to the latest HR updates, practices, skills and a mutually supportive ecosystem.

Position Description
Through 2 to 4 sessions per client a month, we coach and guide Small Medium Businesses to create results through a Performance-Reward management system (vimigo)

We coach and Provide HR Related Advisory for Business Owners

We drive organizational change towards the 4 Results (Improved working relationships, Improved performance, Cost savings, Profit growth)

Position Requirement
Minimum 4 years of hands-on HR experience. Preferably having some Managerial experience or above.
Masterful in communication skills:
Especially Persuasive skills and Presentation skills (you are about to coach leaders of businesses; you must master these skills)
Ready to serve and drive as a role model for Small-Medium Businesses in organizational change

Have a desire to achieve the 7 Qualities as a VimiCoach:-
A vimiCoach is a Five Figure Earner
A vimiCoach is a Master in HR Practices and an Organization Architect
A vimiCoach is Results Driver
A vimiCoach is a Light Bringer
A vimiCoach is a Change Influencer
A vimiCoach always have access to first-hand HR-related Information
A vimiCoach is a Master Communicator
Slots are Limited for every intake

If you think this is for you and am ready to take charge of your worth – APPLY BELOW

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